Stone sculpture

If you want to be me be me


This one is something I have wanted to make for more than two decades, when I was working on performance art ideas at art school. At that time the concept was not to be made of stone, I had no clear idea on materials just that I wanted to make a cave like space to be safe secure and warm. I had intended that the object of unknown size and shape would be in a very cold environment with a hair drier for warmth and sound.

I have always like machines that make a constant noise, as a kid the hair drier was my preferred choice. This has stuck with me to this day and in times of deep stress that is what I reach for. Odd I know but we all have are funny ways.

The stone was selected at the Ancaster quarry, these stone beds are not that deep up to 90cm and to find something that size without any cracks took some time, it started of as a 6 ton block and is now 1.3, so many weeks of work and lots of gravel created. The nature of the block decided the form once all cracked or loose areas had been removed and then I started burrowing.

Ancaster weatherbed 130cm x 175cm x 72cm